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Atascosa County Criminal Defense Attorney

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Attorney Brad Thornton is a highly experienced and Board-Certified criminal defense lawyer. With his background as a former Chief Prosecutor, he has a unique understanding of the criminal justice system and is able to provide comprehensive and effective representation to his clients. He is also deeply committed to ensuring that all individuals receive fair treatment in court, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Brad Thornton is dedicated to helping his clients achieve the best possible outcome for their case, whether it is in San Antonio or elsewhere in South Texas. He recognizes the stress and anxiety that can come with being accused of a crime, and approaches his clients with compassion while keeping them informed at every step of the process. His knowledge and experience make him a strong advocate for his clients.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas

Criminal Defense Attorney in San Antonio & Bexar County

San Antonio and Alamo Heights Criminal Defense Attorney

Less than .008% of lawyers are Board Certified in Criminal Law. Click below to find out what that means and why hiring a Board Certified attorney is the only was to make sure you are getting an lawyer with the experience to handle your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney in San Antonio, Bexar County, TX

Criminal Defense Attorney in Bexar County, Texas

Brad Thornton was raised in San Antonio and went to high school in Castle Hills. He knows San Antonio and has spent his career pursuing justice in local and surrounding courts. San Antonio and Bexar County Law Enforcement agencies are extremely well trained and defending cases can be very challenging. Brad is Board Certified and a former prosecutor who knows how to get excellent results for his client and has been up against the best there is on the other side.


DWI Defense in San Antonio and Bexar County, Texas

The San Antonio Police Department and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office both have very experienced DWI units who specialize in DWI enforcement. They have special training in Field Sobriety Testing, and many have a rare form of training called Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) or the even more rare Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), which are both advanced forms of training specializing in drug intoxication.

Along with the Texas Highway Patrol, each agency has officers who specialize in crash and accident reconstruction and can provide the prosecution with advanced information about how crashes happened and who is at fault.

If you have been arrested for DWI, Intoxication Assault, or Intoxication Manslaughter in San Antonio or Bexar County, you need an attorney with experience at the top level of DWI enforcement. Attorney Brad Thornton was a leader on the Vehicular Crimes Team (DWI Unit) in the county with the highest number of fatalities in the State of Texas. He has seen it all and has a successful track record in DWI trials.


Common Crimes in San Antonio and Bexar County

San Antonio and Bexar County have seen a increase in violent crime and property crimes in recent years. According to KSAT 12, homicides are up 22% in San Antonio. Even with that being true, the news agency reports that Balcones Heights has an even higher violent crime rate; nearly doubling that of San Antonio.

Gang violence and drug activity are a large part of those figures. According to Fox News, San Antonio is the third highest ranked city in Texas for gang violence which is dominated by the bloods, crips, Tango Orejons, and the Mexican Mafia.  

According to

Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime)

Bexar County violent crime is 18.3. (The US average is 22.7)

Bexar County property crime is 46.5. (The US average is 35.4)



San Antonio and Bexar County Court Information

San Antonio has many courts that serve Bexar County. Bexar County Criminal District Courts have jurisdiction over felony offenses committed in Bexar County and the County Courts at Law have jurisdiction over Class A and B Misdemeanors. The Municipal Courts of San Antonio or other local municipalities and the Justices of the Peace for Bexar County claim Class C misdemeanors that occur within their Jurisdiction.

Bexar County Criminal District Courts

The following are the local District Courts which have jurisdiction over all felony offenses committed in Bexar County.

144th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2511

175th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2527

186th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2505

187th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2517

226th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2446

227th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2304

290th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2696

379th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2911

399th Criminal District Court - 210-335-3667

437th Criminal District Court - 210-335-2711

Felony Drug Court - 210-335-3063

Felony Veterans Treatment Court - 210-753-4368

Prostitution Court - 210-335-2527

Bexar County Courts at Law

The following are the local County Courts at Law which have jurisdiction over all class A and B misdemeanors committed in Bexar County.

County Court 1 - 210-335-2571

County Court 2 - 210-335-2573

County Court 3 - 210-335-2575

County Court 4 - 210-335-2426

County Court 5 - 210-335-2549

County Court 6 - 210-335-2156

County Court 7 - 210-335-2002

County Court 8 - 210-335-2005

County Court 9 - 210-335-2008

County Court 10 - 210-335-2947

County Court 11 - 210-335-2023

County Court 12 - 210-335-2750

County Court 13 - 210-335-2625

County Court 14 - 210-335-1670

County Court 15 - 210-335-1245

DWI Court - 210-335-2637

Veterans Treatment Court - 210-335-2156

Auxiliary Jail Court - 210-335-6472

Mental Health Court - 210-335-2750

Adult Drug Court - 210-335-2637

San Antonio Municipal Court

The San Antonio Municipal Court has jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanor criminal cases, with punishment upon conviction of fines up to $500. These are generally traffic offenses and other city ordinance violations.


Contact Information:

Frank Wing Municipal Court Building

401 S. Frio

San Antonio, TX 78207-4432

Phone: (210) 207-8970



Monday - Friday:

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Bexar County Jail Information

The Bexar County Jail is administered by the Bexar County Sheriff and houses inmates being help pending trial or convicted and sentenced to county jail for a misdemeanor offense.

When someone is arrested in San Antonio, the are initially taken to Central Magistration. The website below will allow you to search for people who have been arrested in the past 24 hours and are being held to be magistrated by a judge.

Central Magistration

Phone: 210-335-6111

The magistrate will set a bond that if paid, allows the inmate to be release from jail. The County Bail Bond Board has a publicly available list of local Bail Bond Companied

Bail Bond Company List

Sheriff's Information on How to Post Bond

Once the inmate has been magistrated and no bond was made, Vinelink is a free resource where you can search to see if someone is an inmate of the Bexar County Jail.

Visitation Information

222 S. Comal

San Antonio, TX 78207

Phone: 210-335-8270


  • Monday: 

  • Tuesday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM

  • Saturday: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

  • Sunday: Closed, except on Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Visitation hours on these days will be 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. 

Sheriff's Website:



San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer Brad Thornton

Brad Thornton is Board Certified in Criminal Law and a former prosecutor with years of experience in area courts. Whether it be a DWI or any other offense, Brad has the experience to evaluate your case, explain you options, and pursue whatever avenue can get you the results you need for your case.

Call Attorney Brad Thornton Today at 210-439-5627

Family Violence Defense Attorney in San Antonio, Texas
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Assault Crimes in Texas
Property Crimes in Texas
Homicide Crimes in Texas, including Murder and Manslaughter
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Crimes & Criminal Matters


Daryl M.

Elmendorf, Texas

If you need a criminal lawyer, Brad Thornton is an excellent choice. He is intelligent, trustworthy, and highly professional, with an amazing understanding of the law.


Choosing the right lawyer can shape the rest of your life, so make sure to make the right decision and choose Brad Thornton.

Brian F. 

San Antonio, Texas

I have had the opportunity to know Brad both personally and professionally for a while now. As a fellow attorney, I am consistently impressed by his passion and innovative approach to legal issues. He is exceptionally intelligent and is always willing to go above and beyond for his clients. When I refer clients to Brad, I have full confidence that they will receive top-quality representation.

Stephanie S.

San Antonio, Texas

We recently faced a stressful family matter and turned to Brad for legal guidance. He was extremely compassionate and helped us understand our options and the legal process in an easy-to-follow way. We are thrilled with the outcome of our case and are grateful to Brad for his help. Thank you!

Garry T.

San Antonio, Texas

I cannot emphasize enough how understanding and compassionate Brad Thornton was during a difficult situation. He helped us navigate the legal aspects of our case and provided us with a clear understanding of our options. I highly recommend Brad Thornton for anyone in need of legal representation.


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