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Attorney Brad Thornton is a highly experienced and Board-Certified criminal defense lawyer. With his background as a former Chief Prosecutor, he has a unique understanding of the criminal justice system and is able to provide comprehensive and effective representation to his clients. He is also deeply committed to ensuring that all individuals receive fair treatment in court, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Brad Thornton is dedicated to helping his clients achieve the best possible outcome for their case, whether it is in San Antonio or elsewhere in South Texas. He recognizes the stress and anxiety that can come with being accused of a crime, and approaches his clients with compassion while keeping them informed at every step of the process. His knowledge and experience make him a strong advocate for his clients.

San Antonio Theft Attorney

Theft Crimes

San Antonio Theft Attorney

Less than .008% of lawyers are Board Certified in Criminal Law. Click below to find out what that means and why hiring a Board Certified attorney is the only was to make sure you are getting an lawyer with the experience to handle your case.

Theft Crimes

Overview of Theft Crimes in Texas

Theft crimes in Texas are serious offenses that carry significant penalties. In the Lone Star State, these offenses range from the relatively minor shoplifting to grand theft auto. Generally, theft is classified as taking another person’s property or services without their consent and with the intent of depriving them of its value or use. Depending on the circumstances, a conviction for theft can lead to fines, restitution payments, probation and even jail time.

In Texas, theft is divided into two different categories: misdemeanor and felony. A misdemeanor theft charge can be leveled if an individual steals property valued at less than $2,500 or if they steal livestock or a firearm of any value. The potential punishments associated with a misdemeanor theft conviction can include up to one year in jail and/or a fine up to $4,000.

Individuals charged with felony thefts face more severe consequences for their actions. A felony charge applies when an individual steals property valued at more than $2,500 or takes livestock valued at more than $20,000 in addition to other types of property such as motor vehicles or firearms regardless of their value. Those convicted of felonies may be subject to up to 10 years in prison and/or fines reaching up to twice the amount stolen in addition to other civil liabilities depending on the circumstances surrounding each case.

Since Texas has such harsh penalties for various levels of theft crimes it's important that anyone accused seek out proper legal representation right away so that they have the best chance at a successful outcome. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to review all evidence related to your case and help build a comprehensive defense strategy that puts you in the best possible position both during court proceedings and afterward should you be found guilty or accept a plea bargain agreement.

Attorney Brad Thornton is a top theft defense attorney in San Antonio, Texas. Call today for a free consultation 210-439-5627.

Types of Theft in Texas

Theft of Property

Theft of property is ordinarily thought of as shoplifting, but can include many other factors and circumstances. The penalties for theft in Texas vary depending on the type and value of stolen items. Penalties can range from misdemeanors to felonies, with varying degrees of fines or jail time associated with each. Generally speaking, if the value of stolen goods is less than $100 it may be considered a Class C misdemeanor (up to a $500 fine) while values over $2,500 may result in felony charges that carry up to life of prison time and up to a $10,000 fine.


Robbery is one of the most serious forms of theft because it either involves bodily injury to the victim or the use of a deadly weapon. Prosecutors are aggressive with the enforcement of this offense and penalties can be stiff.

Unauthorized Use of a Motor vehicle

The crime of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (UUMV) is serious and is punishable by jail time, fines, or both. It occurs when someone takes or uses another's vehicle without permission. This offense is typically a state jail felony and carries with it potential penalties of between 180 days up to two years in jail, along with up to a $10,000 fine.

The seriousness of the punishment depends upon several factors including: the circumstances surrounding the incident; previous criminal history; if any property was damaged or stolen; whether other individuals were injured or killed as a result; age of offender; and more.